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In today’s world especially in Dhaka, Bangladesh despite being a developing country people used to focus on not only residential architectural structure but also great functionality and beautiful aesthetics. Authentic Furniture, an interior solution provider in Dhaka, aims to make your home interiors a reflection of your personality.

We would like to make your home a pleasing one where you and your family take pride in and love to spend time in. Our experts estimate home interior design and incorporate your needs in every nook in your home that’s why your space meets every requirement you need.

Along with beloved customers, our dedicated home interior designers work tirelessly to tie your style with professional design expertise, creating the perfect interior design plan.

We never compromise with quality, at the same time, execute the plan using the materials of the highest standards. To renovate your home Authentic uses their furniture as well as their ingredients that ensure the superiority of everything.

If you think of us as the right partner for your journey to your new home design and decoration, you may call our teams anytime. We offer home interior service for the living room, Master bedroom, Bathroom, Drawing room and kitchen.

Interior Services We Offer to Our Beloved Customer

Living Room Interior:

If you are looking for a glorious and fascinating living room, then our professional will offer you the living room to give you a very nice interior look and design.

Having a pleasing interior touch in the living room where your spend relaxation time with your family & friends may give you an eye-catchy place of hospitality. And interior decoration will also influence you to enjoy your home for more time.

Living Room Interior
Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior:

A functional exquisite kitchen room encourages the cook to prepare delicious food for the family that gifts us an enjoyable happy moment.

From child to adult, everyone wants it, By creating a long-lasting kitchen design that will match your dream of how your kitchen should look including kitchen cabinet and architecture, we ensure your kitchen experience.

Master Bedroom Interior:

If you are searching for a master bedroom interior expert in Dhaka, we offer you an astonishing master bedroom that includes Mattress, Frame, Bedding, Lighting, Nightstands, Window treatments, Soothing colour palette, Additional furniture, Area rug and more on your demand. Authentic Furniture is here to provide these things.

Master Bedroom Interior
Apartment Interior

Apartment Interior:

Authentic furniture offers a budget-friendly apartment interior design service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As one of the top-notch interior design firm, we do not compromise with quality although apartment or flat interior looks like a costly thing.

It presents your tastes, your luxury. Starting from the living room to the bedroom and the kitchen also whether it's a home office or a media den, the interior gives you a peaceful space that is safe and functional at the same time.

Elegant Bathroom Interior:

Bathrooms are considered as the smallest portion in your house but it's a vital part of your home. Just a few add-ons can enhance its beauty & make the house look smooth and shiny.

For that, Authentic Furniture Interior is providing you with exquisite bathroom interior design service inclusive of wall tiles, floor tiles and tiles design.

Elegant Bathroom Interior
Drawing Room Interior

Drawing Room Interior:

The drawing-room, a room in a house where visitors may be entertained, is like the mirror of a house. It does not only reflect the beauty of your entire house but also show your personality and your taste to the visitors of your home.

To give your visitors a good sense of your persona, the drawing-room must be designed & decorated in the best manner.

Furniture Design for Home Interior:

Authentic Furniture provides the right home furniture for your house. Our elegant home furniture is meant to transform your home into a diversified living space according to your needs and tastes. Your home will look like a modern habitat with our exclusive furniture in proper spots.

Furniture Design for Home Interior

Authentic Furniture Follow while Design & Decoration

It can include working with the addition of entire walls, ceiling designs, flooring and floor design, trim work, window locations, window designs, lighting, technology needs, organizational tools and appliances. Authentic Furniture will coordinate with reliable professionals, suppliers and other sources to make sure all the actions go with modern home decorations of your residential space.