Teak (Segun) Wood Dressing Table

Model: DST-394

Material: Chittagong Teak & Burma Teak.

Finish: Natural (Hand Polish)
Lacquer (Antique, Glossy, Matte).

About This Product

Stylish & modern design teak wood dressing table. Being beautiful itself, it will beautify your bedroom and you.

Sizes with Price Chart

  • Chittagong Teak
  • Burma Teak

Size 3/6.3

Price 38,000

Size 3/6.3

Price 53000

Table Dimensions

Product Description and Details

  • Features
  • Delivery Information
  • Warranty Terms
  • High-quality genuine teak wood (100% seasoned).
  • Chittagong Teak Dressing Tables are inside and outside entirely made of wood.
  • Burma Teak Dressing tables are wholly made of Burma Teak Wood. But the shelves and drawers inside, are made of Chittagong Teak Wood.
  • 6mm Gorjon Plywood is used on the back.
  • High-quality, rust-free locks, and fittings are used.
  • We provide a lifetime warranty on our products.
  • Utterly resistant to pests and insects.
  • Available in any color.
  • Natural and lacquer smooth finish.
  • Products are wrapped and well-packaged before delivery.
  • Our products will be directly delivered to the customer's home.
  • Delivery charges must be paid separately.
  • Outside of Dhaka delivery is available. Charges may vary according to distances.
  • Products will be assembled and installed by the Authentic Furniture team.
  • Please, check your product well during the delivery time. Any claim after delivery will be invalid.
  • All of our products come with a lifetime service warranty against any manufacturing defects and other issues with the materials used.
  • The damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use, the warranty does not cover.
  • Customers must show an original copy of the cash memo/invoice for availing of our warranty service.
  • Glass has no warranty.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

Key Customer Queries

38,000/ - BDT of a Chittagong Teak Wood Dressing Table and

53,000/ - BDT of a Burma Teak Wood Dressing Table.

This Teak Wood Dressing Table is made of high-quality Burma & Chittagong Teak and has a modern design.

We use natural & lacquer finish in our Teak Wood Dressing Table.

Teak (Segun) Wood Dressing Table Store

Teak (Segun) Wood Dressing Table Store in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Authentic Furniture provides stylish & modern design teak wood dressing tables in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is essential, especially for girls in their daily life. Because they take care of their makeup and hair through the dressing table.

Authentic Furniture is famous for being an actual teak wooden furniture store in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and serving for a long time with high-quality assurance. We assure you of the original teak wood dressing table at an affordable price.

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Authentic Furniture is a place of quality furniture. They have a goodwill of making quality furniture. Price may be a bit costly but you can get better designs here.

Big shop for best & uncommon quality furnishers.actually this shop is famous for high-quality teak wooden furniture creative design attractive to look, easy to clean & maintenance.

It is a great furniture shop, highly expensive & one of the best quality furniture in Dhaka.

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