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Stylish Dolna in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dolna is a thing of beauty. It adds pleasure, luxury, and fun to your life and beauty to your home.

Dolna Can Be Food for Your Mind

Gives Relaxation to the Body and Mind

Dolna is a very essential part of a happy life cause when you sit on it and let it swing, it gives you such a feeling, as if you are flying. All your anxiety flies away and gives you relaxation.

A Great Source for Passing Time

If you have children or senior citizens at your home then they will surely fall in love with the Dolna. They can swing all day long and enjoy.

Expresses Your Taste

The kind of Dolna you keep at your home may tell a lot about your taste. And your guests might find you as a classy person if you have a beautiful Dolna at your place.




Types of Dolna We Offer

Egg Basket Dolna

This Hand-woven hanging egg chair swings with a stand. This chair is exposed and half-transparent. The woven basket on this chair makes it light and delicacy to a room.

Natural Rattan Egg Dolna

Hand-crafted Hanging Egg Chair in natural rattan. The perfect addition to your bedroom.

Wicker Egg Dolna

The wicker is really not a material; it is a process in which the material is being woven into shape. This type of woven chair is made of olefin synthetic, which will keep its shading and shape through numerous seasons. The cushions are removable and appropriate for indoor or outside use.

Why Us?

To Ensure the Best Quality

Every item of Authentic furniture passes through an expert 'quality control' team who tests the item properly before releasing it to the market.

To Get What You Need

We have own designers who are always ready to design as per your requirement.

Best Product in Affordable Price

As we have our own designers and craftsmen we can provide you with the best products at a reasonable price.

Quick After Sales Service

A dedicated After Sales Service Team is working to give a solution within 24 hours of a client’s call.

Call us at +8801616665006 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.